Studio Tools

  • Audio Systems
  • Audio and post production-optimized  workstations
  • UAD-1 & TC Powercore processors
  • RME, Radikal and TASCAM audio interfaces/control surfaces
  • Audio applications include:
  • Steinberg Nuendo, Digi Pro Tools,  Sonar,  and Sony Vegas, ACID, CD Architect and Sound Forge.
  • Extensive plug-in processors including:
  • Universal Audio, TC Works, Waves & Sony Oxford

  • Outboard Audio
  • Neumann, Shure, Telefunken and AKG microphones
  • API 251, Aphex 1100 & JoeMeek preamps
  • UREI & Joemeek limiters
  • TC Electronic, Roland & Yamaha fx processors
  • Lucid, Panasonic & TASCAM hi-res clocking, audio & format converters
  • Westlake stereo & surround monitoring
  • Audience hi-definition cabling

  • Video Support
  • Surround mixing & sound design
  • Dolby Digital, DTS, &  DVD-A encoding
  • Support for almost any video format, rate or aspect ratio  including HD
  • Video Software includes Avid Newscutter, Sony Vegas NLE, DVD Architect, Magic Bullet FX, Adobe After Effects, Macromedia Flash, LightWave 3D & Particle Illusion

SmurphCo Productions: Studio

Audio Production & Mastering •  Audio for Film & Television  •  Composition & Arranging

I regularly work out of my personal production facility (above) and a variety of studios, depending upon project needs.

SmurphCo HQ featured on the cover of PAR