About Steve Murphy and SmurphCo

I am an audio producer/engineer with 25 years of professional experience. I have worked closely with a broad range of clients and artists on thousands of recording sessions and well over one hundred CD releases, including Grammy Award-Winning and Goldand Platinum-selling recordings.

I have designed and upgraded several professional recording and broadcast facilities and acted as consultant on numerous other system-oriented projects.I am a frequent contributor to several A/V-related magazines, and am an editor-at-large for Pro Audio Review magazine.

I am also a videographer with over two decades of experience in location production (camera, DP, line producer, production audio) and post-production (editing, mastering, annimation and visual effects). My technical knowledge of broadcast and production video systems is reflected in my work as a technical contributor and product reviewer for TV Technology magazine, the broadcast television industry’s leading publication.

My creative experience includes composing, arranging and producing music for audio and film/video productions; I was also a founding member and main songwriter for a regionally popular 80’s band Bruno Loves Danger.

I have degrees in Communications and Physics, and I play many different musical instruments including guitar, bass, keyboards and bass clarinet. OK, it’s been a while on the bass clarinet

Professional Highlights:

Owner and Chief Engineer of Avalon Sound Studios, Inc., a multi-room, first-class 24-track recording facility located in Bethesda, MD (Washington DC area). Please see the Credits and Studio sections for more recording background.

Editor-in-Chief of Pro Audio Review magazine
, a national magazine specializing in product reviews and feature articles for studio, live, broadcast and post production professionals.

Technical Contributor to several audio-visual magazines including Pro Audio Review‘s sister publications Audio Media UK, TV Technology, and Radio World. Also writes (or ghostwrites) feature articles for publication in Sound & Video Contractor (S&VC), Sytems Contractor News, Live Sound, Club Systems and other magazines. Please see the Articles section for more information and magazine links.

Producer/Technical Director at Radio Free Asia (Washington, D.C.) ENG, on-air technical direction, and master control technical producer at non-profit foreign news broadcasting service .

Chief Engineer of Balance Sound Studios, Inc. (Bethesda, MD), a 24-Track first-class commercial studio. Prior to running Balance, I engineered at several other Washington DC area recording studios.