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Sterling Modular GearPod

By • Mar 17th, 2008

Pennsylvania-based Sterling Modular has designed and built high-quality studio furniture and racking systems for nearly 20 years. The company is best known for its higher-end modular desk systems, vintage conso le “housing upgrades,” self-contained roll-around workstation stands and a few specialized third-party collaborations. Several of Sterling Modular’s recent designs – including the Gear Pod adjustable […]

TC Electronic Studio Konnekt 48

By • Mar 17th, 2008

TC Electronic’s Studio Konnekt 48 breaks new ground in the crowded FireWire interface market by drawing heavily upon the company’s long-established foundation of DSP-powered signal processors. Several features are ported from the revered System 6000 effects/mastering platform, the Reverb 4000 and the popular PowerCore products. This new interface, meanwhile, features a generous compliment of analog […]

Steinberg Sequel

By • Feb 13th, 2008

According to the product’s website, Steinberg’s Sequel is “designed for first-time computer music enthusiasts,” and is an “all-inclusive music production platform” that makes it “…the perfect first step into music production and performance” according to the manual. In reality, those sweeping promotional descriptions are terribly misleading: Sequel turns out to be quite appropriate for seasoned […]

sE Electronics 2200A Condenser Microphone

By • Feb 9th, 2008

This updated version of one of sE’s earliest models may well become The People’s Mic.

Shure KSM27 Cardioid Condenser Microphone

By • Nov 15th, 2007

by Stephen Murphy Shure made an impressive entry into high-end recording with the introduction of the KSM32 cardioid and KSM44 multipattern condenser mics. The latest arrival in the Shure KSM family, joining the aforementioned KSM44 ($1,393, see PAR 01/01) and the KSM32 ($1,070, see PAR 01/99) is the low cost KSM27 ($575) fixed-pattern cardioid condenser […]

SP Technology Timepiece 2.0 Monitors

By • Nov 15th, 2007

SP Technology Timepiece 2.0 Monitors By Stephen Murphy One of the true benefits of reviewing pro audio gear is when the unexpected occurs: a great product shows up at the studio from a previously unknown source. In this case, the source is speaker designer Robert Smith and his new company, SP Technology. The product is […]

Audient Aztec Live Console

By • Nov 14th, 2007

by Stephen Murphy Founded in 1997, UK audio manufacturer Audient PLC has made quick inroads to the live, studio and post production markets with its short list of well-received products. Audient’s product catalog includes the ASP500-series surround sound and bass management controllers, the ASP8024 studio console and the new Aztec live console, reviewed here. The […]

Sony Cinescore Software

By • Nov 14th, 2007

From Pro Audio Review, May 2007 Sony Cinescore 1.0 Soundtrack Creation Reasonably priced PC-only software for custom music bed creation. by Stephen Murphy Cinescore may be of particular interest to project and personal-production studio owners looking to offer an alternative for canned library music to their clients. Royalty-free cues of custom lengths, themes, moods and […]

SSL Duality Analog Console/DAW Controller

By • Apr 1st, 2007

The appropriately-named Duality adds fully featured digital audio workstation control to a fully analog large-format console. The concept of combining a digital mixing console with computer workstation control is a natural match. In fact, it’s not so much a match as the same thing. In both cases, the same hardware faders and controllers are communicating […]

Red Microphones Type B

By • May 1st, 2006

Formed as a division of Blue Microphones, is a direct-to-consumer source of replacement capsules, shockmounts, pop filters, cases and other parts for classic microphones as well as a Blue designed line of vintage-style microphones. Available on the site are such items as replacement wood cases for ELAM 251, SM69, U67 and U87 mics, shockmounts […]